About Me

Hi! I am Parth Kavthekar - Photographer-Hiker-Engineer! When I am not engineering I am out in the Rockies with my pup and my Camera, inhaling all the beauty it has to offer. Photography is my passion and when I came to Calgary, the beauty around inspired me to learn it myself. Since then I have been clicking pictures of my family and friends. I understand the importance of capturing that smile or that laugh or the love in the eyes that the moment has to offer and is gone if not captured at the right time. 

I have worked with a variety of clients, those who were shy being photographed and those who were just buzzing with new ideas and poses for the shoot. I can provide you a complete plan of the shoot where all you have to do is walk-in to the venue or I am also all ears to your idea of a dream photoshoot.


Looking forward to capturing your precious moments! 

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Call : 5877072203

Email: picsarthyyc@gmail.com

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